Stability analysis on dual solutions of second- grade fluid flow with heat and mass transfers over a stretching sheet

Authors: Debasish Dey, Rupjyoti Borah.

Volume 8, Issue 2, Paper No. 080203


  Stability on dual solutions of second-grade fluid flow over a stretching surface with simultaneous thermal and mass diffusions has been studied. The fluid flow is governed by Lorentz force and energy dissipation due to viscosity. Lorentz force is generated due to the application of magnetic field along the transverse direction. In methodology, suitable similarity transformation and MATLAB built-in bvp4c solver technique have been adopted. Effects of some flow parameters are exhibited through figures and tables and a special emphasis is given on the existence of dual solutions. A stability analysis is executed to determine the stable and physically achievable solutions. For the laminar flow, the drag force on the surface for the time-independent case is reduced due to amplifying values of  But, it enhances the drag force for the time-dependent case. This shows the effectiveness of the first solution (during steady case) over the unsteady case. 

Keywords: Dual solutions; Heat transfer; Mass transfer; Stability analysis; Stretching sheet; Visco-elastic fluid.


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