Simultaneous impact of magnetic and Arrhenius activation energy on the flow of Casson hybrid nanofluid over a vertically moving plate.

Authors: Deepak Umrao Sarwe, Bandari Shanker, Raghawendra Mishra, R.S. Varun Kumar, M.N Raja Shekar.

Volume 8, Issue 2, Paper No. 080202


  The present study deals with the Blasius and Sakiadis flow of Casson hybrid nanoliquid over a vertically moving plate under the influence of magnetic effect and Joule heating. Here, we considered Silver and Copper as nanoparticles suspended in 50% Ethylene-Glycol (EG) as base fluid. Further, the Arrhenius activation energy and convective boundary conditions are taken into the account. The set of PDEs of the current model are converted into ODEs by using suitable similarity variables. The reduced ODEs are numerically solved with the help of RKF-45 method by adopting shooting scheme. The impact of various pertinent parameters on the fluid fields is deliberated graphically. The result outcomes reveal that, rise in values of Casson parameter diminishes the velocity gradient. The escalated values of magnetic parameter decline the velocity profile but reverse trend is detected in thermal and concentration profiles. Moreover, the augmentation in the activation energy parameter elevates the concentration profile.

Keywords: Casson hybrid nanofluid; Magnetic effect; Arrhenius activation energy; Moving plate.

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