Effects of magnetic field on blood flow with suspended copper nanoparticles through an artery with overlapping stenosis

Authors: C. Umadevi , G. Harpriya, M. Dhange, G. Nageswari

Volume 8, Issue 1, Paper No. 080103


The flow of blood mixed with copper nanoparticles in an overlapping stenosed artery is reported in the presence of a magnetic field. The presence of stenosis is known to impede blood flow and to be the cause of different cardiac diseases. The governing nonlinear equations are rendered dimensionless and attempted under the conditions of mild stenosis. The analytical solutions for velocity, resistance to the flow, wall shear stress, temperature, and streamlines are obtained and analyzed through graphs. The obtained outcomes show that the temperature variation in copper nanoparticles concentrated blood is more and flow resistance is less when compared to pure blood. The investigations reveal that copper nanoparticles are effective to reduce the hemodynamics of stenosis and could be helpful in biomedical applications.

Keywords: Magnetic field; overlapping stenosis; copper nanoparticles; wall shear stress.

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