Combined Impact of Vertical Throughflow and Gravity Variance on Darcy-Brinkman convection in a Porous Matrix

Authors: Y.H. Gangadharaiah, H. Nagarathnamma, B. N. Hanumagowda

Volume 8, Issue 3, Paper No. 080303


  The influence of the combined impact of vertical throughflow and variable downward gravity variance on a Darcy‐Brinkman penetrative convective motion in a porous matrix is considered analytically. For gravity force variation, linear, quadratic, cubic, and exponential functions are considered. Stability analysis based on the small perturbation approach is performed using the assumption of normal mode. The results show that the onset of convective movement is delayed by the Petlect number, gravity variance parameter, and Darcy number, while the heat source strength parameter is improving the onset of convective movement. The scheme becomes more unstable for the cubic gravity force and more stable for the exponential downward gravity variance.

Keywords: Heat source; Petlect number;  Darcy‐Brinkman convection; Variable gravity

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