Study of Sonic jet and Shock Boundary Layer Interaction using CFD

Authors: P. Nithish Reddy, K. Venkatasubbaiah

Volume 8, Issue 4, Paper No. 080401


  Numerical investigations are carried out to capture the near-field interaction between the sonic jet and supersonic cross-flow. Such interactions are most commonly seen in various high-speed propulsion applications. The results obtained using different turbulence models are validated with the experimental results. The parametric investigations include the study of recirculation regions, boundary layer separation, and shock-induced wall pressure distribution for a wide range of operating conditions. As the free stream Mach number increases, the length of the separation regions varies and similarly the strength of shock structures and the peak pressure. Injection pressure ratio and jet injection angle significantly impact the formation of local ignition zones and, therefore, combustion.

Keywords: Supersonic flows; Recirculation regions; Mach disc; Sonic Injection; Shock-BL Interaction


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