Hall and induced magnetic field effects on convective flow of viscoelastic fluid within an inclined channel with periodic surface conditions

Authors: Jitendra Kumar Singh, S. Vishwanath

Volume 7, Issue 4, Paper No. 070402


  This paper is concerned with the analytical study of the convective flow of a viscoelastic electrically conducting fluid within an inclined channel bounding a porous regime with Hall and induced magnetic field effects. An external magnetic field of high intensity is applied in the direction normal to the inclined surface. The left inclined surface of the channel is considered to be non-magnetic while the right inclined surface is assumed to be magnetized. Suitable non-dimensional transformations are used to reduce the problem to a similar non-dimensional problem. The resulting flow governing equations are solved analytically. The consequences of various flow influencing parameters to the flow variables are numerically computed and presented in graphical and tabular form. It is interesting to note that the growth in angle of inclination reduces the induced magnetic field in the left half of the channel while this effect is opposite in the vicinity of the right inclined surface due to magnetization of this surface. 

Keywords: Convective flow; viscoelastic fluid; magnetized surface; Hall current; induced magnetic field.

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