Entropy Generation and Bejan Number Analysis of MHD Casson Fluid Flow in a Micro-Channel with Navier Slip and Convective Boundary Conditions

Authors: M. Venkateswarlu, P. Bhaskar

Volume 7, Issue 4, Paper No. 070403


  The analysis of MHD flow has been a concern of consideration for research scientists and engineers. In this treatise, the steady MHD flow of an incompressible and electrically conducting Casson fluid in a micro-channel with heat generation and viscous dissipation, in the presence of hydrodynamic slip and convective boundary conditions, is examined. Exact solutions of non-dimensional steady governing equations are obtained in closed form. Transient fluid velocity, temperature, entropy generation, and Bejan number are depicted by the line graphs whereas rate of heat transfer and skin-friction coefficient are computed in tabular form for pertinent flow parameters. It is established that the entropy generation rate and Bejan number increases for increasing values of the Casson parameter and heat generation parameter. In particular, the Casson parameter accelerates the skin-friction coefficient while it provides resistance to the rate of heat transfer near the channel walls. Casson fluid finds significant applications in biomechanics, polymer processing industries, and food processing.

Keywords: Hydrodynamic slip; Entropy generation; Bejan number; Micro-channel; Casson fluid.

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