MHD Natural Convective Flow of Cu-Water Nanofluid over a Past Infinite Vertical Plate with the Presence of Time Dependent Boundary Condition

Authors: Satish Molli, Kishan Naikoti

Volume 7, Issue 4, Paper No. 070404


  In this paper, unsteady electrically conducting, incompressible, heat and mass transfer Magnetohydrodynamic free convective fluid flow with Cu-nanoparticles  over a vertical plate embedded in a porous medium and variable boundary conditions are considered. The governing PDE’s have been converted to non-dimensional equations then solved by FET for velocity, temperature and concentration profiles  with the influence of buoyancy force due to heat and mass transfer, Prandtl and Schmidt number , time, magnetic and chemical reaction parameter in case of pure fluid and Cu-water nanofluid. The Cu-water nanofluid velocity is low than pure fluid, these are presented through graphical form . Also presented the local Skin-friction coefficient, rate of heat and mass transfer and code of validation through tabular forms.

Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamic; Cu-nanoparticles; Finite Element Technique.

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