The Effects of Thermocapillarity on the Thin Film Flow of MHD UCM Fluid over an Unsteady Elastic Surface with Convective Boundary Conditions

Author: Hanumesh Vaidya, K.V. Prasad1*, K. Vajravelu, Chiu-On Ng, S. Nadeem, U.B.Vishwanatha

Volume 6, Issue 3, Paper No. 19060303

The study of two-dimensional flow and heat transfer in a liquid film of MHD Upper Convective Maxwell (UCM) fluid over an unsteady elastic stretching sheet subject to velocity slip and convective boundary condition is presented. Thermocapillarity effects are considered. Using suitable similarity transformations, the momentum and thermal energy equations are converted to a set of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations. These equations are solved numerically using the Keller-Box method. The velocity and the temperature distributions are presented graphically for different values of the pertinent parameters. The effects of the unsteady parameter on the skin friction, the wall temperature gradient, and the film thickness are tabulated and analyzed. The thermocapillarity parameter has a decreasing effect on the temperature field and the local skin-friction coefficient.
Keywords: Thermocapillarity; Thin film; Velocity slip; UCM Fluid; Marngoni number; Keller box method

IJTST_19060303_Hanumesh Vaidya
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