Mixed convective peristaltic flow of an Oldroyd 4-Constant fluid in a planner channel

Author: I. Ahmad, A. Abbasi, W. Abbasi, W. Farooq

Volume 6, Issue 3, Paper No. 19060302

Mixed convective peristaltic flow of an Oldroyd 4-constant fluid in a two dimensional channel with flexible walls was studied in this article. The arising complicated nonlinear equations are reduced into solvable form using small Reynolds number and long wavelength assumption. The resulting equations are solved numerically by shooting method and implicit finite difference scheme. The results are compared for both velocity and temperature profiles and also compared with available literature. The impacts of involved parameter on non-dimensional velocity, temperature, pressure gradient, pressure rise per wave length and trapping are presented graphically. By the influence of buoyancy forces the symmetry of the velocity profile is disturbed about the central line of the channel and also the size of the trapped bolus increases in the left half of the channel. Also the decrease in the pressure drop per wavelength is observed for the increasing values of thermal Grashof number.
Keywords: Peristalsis, mixed convection, Oldroyd 4-constant fluid, shooting method

IJTST_19060302_I. Ahmad
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