Peristaltic flow of a Jeffery fluid over a porous conduit in the presence of variable liquid properties and convective boundary conditions

Author: G. Manjunatha, C. Rajashekhar, K. V. Prasad, Hanumesh Vaidya, Saraswati

Volume 6, Issue 2, Paper No. 19060201

The present article addresses the peristaltic flow of a Jeffery fluid over an inclined axisymmetric
porous tube with varying viscosity and thermal conductivity. Velocity slip and convective
boundary conditions are considered. Resulting governing equations are solved using long
wavelength and small Reynolds number approximations. The closed-form solutions are obtained
for velocity, streamline, pressure gradient, temperature, pressure rise, and frictional force. The
MATLAB numerical simulations are utilized to compute pressure rise and frictional force. The
impacts of various physical parameters in the interims for time-averaged flow rate Q with pressure
rise P  0 and P  0 is examined. The consequences of sinusoidal, multi-sinusoidal,
triangular, trapezoidal, and square waveforms on physiological parameters are analyzed and
discussed through graphs. The analysis reveals that the presence of variable viscosity helps in
controlling the pumping performance of the fluid.
Keywords: Convective conditions; Darcy number; Inclination; Porous tube; Viscosity; Thermal

IJTST_19060201_G. Manjunatha
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