HHR impact on 3D radiative stretched flow of Cu-H2O nanofluid influenced by variable magnetic field and convective boundary condition

Author: M. K. Nayak

Volume 6, Issue 2, Paper No. 19060202

In an attempt to the influence of homogenous and heterogeneous reactions, variable magnetic field and thermal radiation on three-dimensional flow of an incompressible nanofluid over an exponential stretching sheet subject to convective boundary condition has been analyzed. In view of enhancement of heat transfer capability of nanofluids, effective implementation of Patel model is carried in the current study. The transformed governing differential equations are solved using fourth-order Runge-Kutta method along with shooting technique and secant method is employed for better approximation. The significant outcome of the present computational study is that the magnetic field interaction impedes the fluid motion leading to diminution of the wall shear stresses (axial as well as transverse) and homogenous and heterogeneous parameters belittle the fluid concentration appreciably.
Keywords: MHD 3D flow; Nanofluid; Exponential stretching sheet; Convective boundary condition; Thermal radiation; Homogenous and heterogeneous reactions (HHR).

IJTST_19060202_M. K. Nayak
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