Onset of double diffusive surface-tension driven convection in fluid layer overlying a layer of anisotropic porous layer with soret effect

Authors: Gangadharaiah Y H

Volume 10, Issue 1, Paper No. 100102


  The onset of double-diffusive surface tension-driven convective motion in a fluid layer overlying a fluid-saturated anisotropic porous layer is investigated analytically in the presence of the soret effect. We considered boundaries to be insulating to temperature perturbations. The governing equation that satisfies the composite system is analyzed by the normal mode approach and solved by the regular perturbation technique for linear stability. By solving coupled equations, a mathematical expression for the critical Marangoni number is obtained. Under the effect of the anisotropy, soret parameters and the impact of various physical parameters on the start of convective motion is illustrated graphically, and the stability system is investigated.

Keywords: Composite layer; Mechanical anisotropy; Thermal anisotropy; Soret parameter.

 100102_Gangadharaiah Y H
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