Double-diffusive penetrative convection in a fluid overlying a porous layer

Authors: Y. H. Gangadharaiah, S. P. Suma,H. Nagarathnamma, T. Y. Chaya

Volume 9, Issue 1, Paper No. 090103


  In the present study, the commencement of double-diffusive convection with an internal heat source is studied using a linear instability analysis. The system consists of a fluid layer on top of a porous layer saturated with the same fluid. The boundaries are insulating to temperature perturbations, and the regular perturbation technique is applied to obtain the Rayleigh number. The results of detailed stability characteristics are presented for crucial physical factors, such as thermal Rayleigh number, the inverse Lewis number, depth ratio, the solute Rayleigh number, and heat source strength.

Keywords: Internal heat source; Solute Rayleigh number; Lewis number.

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