Combined impact of variable viscosity and throughflow effects on the onset of convection in an anisotropic porous layer

Authors: Gangadharaiah Y H,  Nagarathnamma H, S. P. Suma, Ananda K

Volume 9, Issue 3, Paper No. 090303 


  In the present article, the combined impact of vertical throughflow and temperature-reliant viscosity on the fluid-saturated anisotropic porous matrix is considered for investigation numerically by the Galerkin technique. The temperature-reliant viscosity is known to be exponential. The porous matrix is subject to continuous vertical throughflow. A parametric analysis is conducted by adjusting the following parameters: throughflow parameter, viscosity parameter, mechanical anisotropic parameter, and anisotropic thermal parameter. The findings reveal that the impacts of raising the viscosity parameter, downward throughflow parameter, and anisotropic thermal parameter delay the beginning of convection, whereas increasing mechanical anisotropic parameter and upward throughflow parameter destabilizes the porous system.

Keywords: Throughflow; Porous matrix; Mechanical-anisotropic; Parameter; Temperature-dependence viscosity.


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