Magnetohydrodynamics Flow of Nanofluid past an Elongating Sheet with Exponential Space-Based Heat Source and Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Chemical Reactions

Authors: K. Swain, M. Mishra, P. K. Rout

Volume 8, Issue 3, Paper No. 080302


   The present article deals with the MHD nanofluid flow over an elongating sheet in a saturated porous matrix. Two different nanoparticles with water as base fluid is considered.  Similarity transformations convert the governing partial differential equations (PDEs) into ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and are solved numerically by effective shooting technique. The influences of pertinent parameters relating to the flow problem such as magnetic parameter, porosity parameter, thermal radiation, exponential space-based heat source/sink and most importantly homogeneous-heterogeneous chemical reaction of reactive species on the nanofluid velocity, temperature, concentration as well as skin-friction coefficient and heat transfer coefficients are studied via graphs and table. It is found that heat transfer rate of is higher than that of. Velocity of nanofluid is slightly on lower side as compared to nanofluid whereas reverse effect is observed in case of temperature profile.

Keywords: Nanofluid; Thermal radiation;  Exponential space-based heat source/sink; Homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical reactions

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