Double Diffusive Surface Driven Convection in a Fluid-Porous System

Authors: Y. H. Gangadharaiah

Volume 8, Issue 3, Paper No. 080301


  In the present study, double-diffusive surface-driven convective flow in a system composed of a horizontal binary fluid layer overlying an anisotropic porous matrix has been investigated. The boundaries are insulating to temperature perturbations, and the regular perturbation technique is applied to obtain thermal Marangoni number. It is discovered that the solute Marangoni number, the depth of the relative layers, the Darcy number, the diffusivity ratios, thermal and mechanical anisotropy parameters have a significant impact on the system’s stability. Increasing the diffusivity ratios, the thermal anisotropy parameter, and decreasing the solute Marangoni number, the mechanical anisotropy parameter leads to stabilization of the system. Besides, the possibility of control of surface-driven convective motion by suitable choice of physical parameters is discussed in detail.

Keywords: Thermal anisotropy; Solute Marangoni number; Mechanical anisotropy; Diffusivity ratio.

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