Investigation of the convective heat transfer and friction factor of magnetic Ni nanofluids within cylindrical pipes

Authors: Mahammedi Abdelkader, Houari Ameur, Younes Menni

Volume 8, Issue 1, Paper No. 080101


  The current paper reports the results of numerical research on the magnetic Ni nanofluid flowing in a tube, developing turbulent flows under constant heat flux conditions. The numerical investigations are conducted for a Reynolds number range from 3,000 to 22,000, and a particle concentration range of 0% to 0.6%. The effects of the Reynolds number on the friction factor and Nusselt number are computed and compared satisfactorily with the experimental results of the literature. The classical correlations of Gnielinski, Notter – Rouse, and Pak and Cho are verified by predicting the Nusselt number of the Ni nanofluid. The obtained results revealed an enhancement in the heat transfer with the increase of magnetic Ni particle volume fraction and Reynolds number.

Keywords: Ni-nanofluid; Heat transfer; CFD; Nusselt number; Friction factor.

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