A New Nonlinear Solution for Non-Fourier Heat Transfer in Porous Fins

Authors: Mohammad Javad Noroozi, Armin Emamifar

Volume 8, Issue 4, Paper No. 080405


  This article investigated nonlinear and non-Fourier heat conduction in a porous cylindrical fin since no other study has already done so. First, the literature on heat transfer in porous fins was briefly reviewed. Then, the heat conduction equation governing the problem was derived while considering all three heat conduction modes, namely conduction, convection, and radiation. The equation was made nonlinear by considering the thermal conductivity and heat generation coefficient changes caused by temperature. The equation was solved with boundary conditions and Galerkin’s weighted residuals method. The comparison of results with a reference study showed that this method properly predicts the temperature profile. The effect of three parameters, namely the Vernotte number, the thermal conductivity coefficient, and the heat generation coefficient on temperature profile was investigated, which revealed the importance of assuming that the problem is non-Fourier and nonlinear.

Keywords: Porous fin; Non-Fourier; Non-linear; Thermal-dependent; Thermal conductivity.

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