Heat Transfer Analysis on Peristaltic Transport of a Jeffery Fluid in an Inclined Elastic Tube with Porous Walls

Authors: G.Manjunatha, C. Rajashekhar, Hanumesh Vaidya*, K. V. Prasad, Saraswati, B. B. Divya

Volume 7, Issue 1, Paper No. 20070101

This article analyses the effects of heat transfer and thermal conductivity on the peristaltic transport of Jeffery fluid through an inclined elastic tube with porous walls. The velocity slip and convective boundary conditions are taken into account. The modeled governing equations are solved analytically by considering the long wavelength and small Reynolds number approximations. The closed-form solutions are obtained for velocity, flow rate, and the theoretical determination of flow rate is calculated with the help of equilibrium condition given by Rubinow and Keller. A parametric analysis has been presented to study the effects of Jeffery parameter, thermal conductivity, Darcy number, the angle of inclination, velocity slip, Biot number, amplitude ratio, Prandtl number, and Eckert number on velocity, flow rate, and temperature are scrutinized. The streamlines show that the bolus moves with the same speed as that of the wave and further the study reveals that an increase in the Biot number reduces the magnitude of the temperature.
Keywords: Angle of inclination; Convective conditions; Jeffery parameter; Variable thermal conductivity; Velocity slip

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