Thermal conductivity of nanofluids-A comprehensive review

Authors: S. Mishra, M.K. Nayak, A. Misra

Volume 7, Issue3, Paper No. 070301

The present study deals with a comprehensive review on the enhancement of effective thermal conductivity of nanofluids. The present article summarizes the recent research developments regarding the theoretical and experimental investigations about thermal conductivity of different nanofluids. The current study analyzes several factors those strongly affecting thermal conductivity of nanofluids include solid volume fraction, temperature, particle size, particle type, particle shape, different base fluids, magnetic field, pH, surfactant and ultrasonic time. In addition, different reasonably attractive models contributing augmentation of thermal conductivity of nanofluids are invoked. Finally, important heat transfer mechanisms namely Brownian motion, nanoclustering, thermophoresis, osmophoresis and interfacial nano-layer responsible for significant role in ameliorating the thermal conductivity and therefore the heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids are discussed.
Keywords: Nanofluids; Thermal conductivity; Interfacial nano-layer; Nanoclustering; Brownian motion; Thermophoresis.

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