Hydromagnetic Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Copper-Water Nanofluid within a Right-Angled Triangular Cavity

Authors: Tarikul Islam, Nazma Parveen, Md. Fayz-Al-Asad

Volume 7, Issue3, Paper No. 070304


 This investigation on free convection flow and temperature transfer within a right-angled triangular cavity loaded uniformly by Cu-H2O nanofluid including heated boundary conditions at horizontal side is performed numerically. The standing side is cooled at low heat while the hypotenuse of the triangular is insulated. The governing non-dimensional highly non-linear partial differential equations are performed by employing Galerkin weighted residual finite element method. The simulated numerical findings are exhibited using streamline contours, isotherm contours and average Nusselt number for the sampling parameters named nanoparticles volume fraction, Rayleigh number, and Hartmann number. The outcome demonstrates temperature transfer value reduces for the enhancement of Hartman number whereas improve significantly for the increase of buoyancy driven parameter Rayleigh number. Also, an excellent average temperature transfer is observed for uniform heated boundary condition (case I) compared to non-uniform thermal boundary conditions (case II & case III).

Keywords: Hydromagnetic; FEM; Nanofluids; Right-angled Triangular cavity; Free convection.

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