The 10th International Conference on Vortex Flow Mechanics – ICVFM 2023

Authors: Committees of ICVFM 2023

Volume 10, Issue 1, Paper No. 100100


ICVFM2023 is the tenth conference in a series of successful meetings commenced in Kobe in1999 and continued in Istanbul (2001), Yokohama (2005), Daejeon (2008), San Leucio (2010), Nagoya (2014), Rostock (2016), Xi’an (2018), and Patras (2021). The purpose of ICVFM 2023 is to provide a communication platform for the international researchers, engineers and practitioners in the field of vortex physics, vortex modeling and other fluid applications.

Keywords: ICVFM; Conference; Announcement.

  Conference announcement

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