Perturbation analysis of thermophoresis, hall current and heat source on flow dissipative aligned convective flow about an inclined plate

Authors: G. Dharmaiah, O.D. Makinde, K.S. Balamurugan

Volume 7, Issue 1, Paper No. 20070103

This present examination researches the impacts of thermophoresis, heat source and Hall current on dissipative adjusted MHD joint convection stream about an inclined plate inserted in a permeable medium. Utilizing dimensionless variables, the system of partial differential equations is changed into dimensionless equations. By making use of perturbation technique, estimated solutions for velocity, temperature, concentration profiles, skin friction, rate of heat transfer and rate of mass transfer have been determined. The attained results are explained with an assistance of diagrams to examine the impact of distinct parameters such as Magnetic parameter (M), Aligned magnetic parameter (ξ), Schmidt number (Sc), Eckert number (Ec), inclined angle (α), Prandtl number (Pr), heat generation parameter (Q), and chemical reaction (Kr), assuming two cases viz. Case I: Gr < 0, Gm < 0 (flow on heated plate); Case II: when Gr > 0, Gm > 0(flow on cooled plate). Additionally, the impacts of the appropriate parameters on the skin-friction coefficient and rates of heat and mass transfer are numerically furnished in tabular form. Skin friction coefficients are firmly diminished as magnetic field rises. Sherwood and Nusselt numbers boost up as enhance in chemical reaction.
Keywords: Hall effect, Joule Dissipation, porous medium, inclined plate, perturbation technique, Heat source.

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