Finite strip method applied to steady heat conduction and thermal radiation in a planar slab: absorbing ̶ emitting gray material and parallel diffuse surfaces

Authors: Severno P. C. Marques, Antonio Campo

Volume 6, Issue 1, Paper No. 19060102

This paper addresses a new finite strip method for the analysis of simultaneous heat conduction and thermal radiation in a planar slab with diffuse surfaces and filled with an absorbing and emitting material considered as a gray medium. The gray material is discretized into a finite number of strips where the temperature is approximated with quadratic expansions in local coordinates whose coefficients are unknowns inside each strip. The finite strip method consists in a set of discrete equations corresponding to energy balance equations united to the compatibility conditions of both temperature and heat flux between consecutive strips. The gray material is articulated with different combinations of thermal and optical properties. Numerical results for the temperature fields and the conductive, radiative and total heat fluxes are presented in graphical and tabular forms and they compared favorably with equivalent results employing standard calculation techniques. The three main features attributable to the finite strip method are simplicity, quick calculation, good convergence and quality results.
Keywords: simultaneous heat conduction and thermal radiation, planar slab, diffuse surfaces, absorbing-emitting gray material, new finite strip methodology.

IJTST_19060102_Severno P. C. Marques
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