MHD mixed convection in a partitioned rectangular enclosure

Authors: Mizanur Rahman, Mohammad Mokaddes Ali, Md. Rubel Kazi, Mijanul Hakim

Volume 9, Issue 2, Paper No. 090201 


  A numerical study is carried out to explore the influence of external magnetic field on mixed convective heat transfer in a partitioned rectangular cavity with on side moving wall. The vertical walls are isothermally heated while the horizontal walls are thermally insulated. The left vertical wall is moving in + y direction and remaining walls are maintained no-slip condition. A magnetic field of uniform strength is imposed transverse to the temperature gradient. The governing equations are solved utilizing the finite element method for several physical parameters including Richardson number, Hartmann number and Prandtl number. The numerical results are presented graphically using streamlines, isotherms, local and average Nusselt numbers. It is observed that the flow filed is affected significantly for moving wall and the variation in Hartmann and Richardson numbers. The velocity field is found more effective in natural convection regime than forced convection. The results demonstrated that maximum amount of heat transfer is obtained in natural convection domination and higher values of Prandtl number. The enhancement of heat transfer rate is found 14.25% more at higher Prandtl number (Pr =2.56) than lower (Pr =0.71) and it reduction is found 3.03% more at Ha = 50 compared to Ha = 0.

Keywords: Magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD); Mixed convection; Partitioned enclosure; Finite element method.

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